SKYLINE inflight catering is a branch company

of Two Guys Kitchen & Catering located in Naples FL


Brothers/founders Peter and Larry Falisi 

have been serving Naples enthusiasts since 2015

Currently servicing Southwest Florida  

If you love it in the clouds, you can also love it on the ground.

Enjoying SKYLINE inflight catering? We provide the same service once you touch down in South West Florida and are always ready to assist in any way possible. Learn more about       Two Guys Kitchen & Catering at; 

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NBAA 2018

Two Guys attended the 2018 NBAA Convention as guests of the Atlantic Aviation group. They were able to spend the entire day with Barrington Irving, and learned all about his incredible story. He was the youngest person to circumnavigate the world solo, a feat he accomplished in 2007, (in a plane he built himself). He is also the first African American and first Jamaican to accomplish this feat. His airplane, a Columbia 400 (Cessna Corvalis 400), is named the "Inspiration". He turned down multiple collegiate football scholarship offers from schools such as University of Florida, with his sights set on aviation. Barrington is the founder of Experience Aviation, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering minority youth to pursue careers in aviation


Embraer Legacy
Jet Turbine
Single Engine Aircraft
Rescue Chopper
Static display
Jet Break Calipers
Helicopter Cockpit
Matte Black Helicopter
Inside Engine
Jet Tail
Jet Cockpit
Single Engine Jet Mechanics
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